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What is Driftwood –?

Driftwood is simply wood that has been washed onto a shore or beach of a sea or river by the action of winds, tides and waves.

How the wood gets into the sea in the first place can vary. It could be the hulls of shipwrecked boats, trees from areas of land that have slipped into the oceans, trees or branches blown down by storms or floods in coastal areas.

A piece of driftwood is impossible to age. It may have been floating around our seas for just a few years, or hundreds of years. It may have been washed up several times but been dragged back out to sea by the tides.


Every piece of driftwood is unique, in its size and weight, its shape and its colour.

Every piece of driftwood is naturally cleansed .

Once Cleansed and the wood lets us know what it wants to become the pieces are formed

All pieces once formed are oiled or varnished to bring out the best in the wood

Handmade Accessories are added to the piece if required for its purpose

Disclaimer – All pieces are treated for Wood worm but as a natural product cannot be guaranteed


This site is for those who want to have a piece of nature within their home and this site will provide a choice as to how

Functional Art = Coat Hangers, Candle Holders, etc.

Art – To be confirmed

Misc. – Whilst may not be driftwood the purpose is to ensure that an old treasured piece of furniture gets to have a new lease of life and maybe even a new purpose

About Me

Whilst walking with my dogs along the many beaches in Somerset I often come across pieces of driftwood that have been washed up with the sometime stormy seas.  I can spend hours sorting through and picking the best pieces to bring back to my workshop.  The pieces are cleansed by natural rainwater to remove the sea salt over a small period of time.  They are then placed in the Drying section of the workshop where they sit until I see the future piece within.  I take the piece of wood and handcraft the piece I have envisaged.

Don’t forget to get photos of Workshop!